Take a good look, because this picture hides the interior of the first SUV of Alfa Romeo


Lorenzo Ramaciotti, head of design at Fiat, sitting in the which will be the first SUV of Alfa

it’s already been four days Ralph Gilles, chief designer of the group FCA, published a picture on social network Instagram. The truth is that went unnoticed, but it was hiding, we don’t know if so-premeditated or not, that is probably the interior of the first SUV of Alfa Romeo, a space that in some way reminds the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

To the middle of last year we had the chance to meet for the first time to the new sedan Alfa Romeo. This not only presented a stunning exterior design, but interior is very striking, a space that we see today in part recreated in the interior of the bench of tests the little we had seen to date.

Well that’s not entirely true, since for months we follow the track to the first SUV of Alfa Romeo. What we have seen in various moments of their stage of tests, all of them in a very early stage, and that for the moment we do not know that name will. But little by little we are knowing more.


This is the interior of the Giulia, and many elements of this will be in the SUV

If we return to the image, in the foreground we see Lorenzo Ramaciotti, chief designer of the Fiat group since 2007. But there is in him that we need to focus, but what lies at their backs. Sitting under the trunk, you will see that we are before a model high, clearly an SUV, and in addition to the dashboard similar to that of the Giulia.

To these evidences it is not surprising that we are at the SUV of Alfa Romeo, which seems to have all its interior completely designed and finished, and that the exterior is very far from being finished. We see a cargo door wide although with a strange shape, and a rear row that is abate completely.

we Know that this first crossover of Alpha will have a size similar to the BMW X3. Although the intention of the Italian house is to give a performance and a dynamism extraordinary. To do this it will build on engines shared with the sedan, including a V6 petrol Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio with 510 HP. We are anxious to see him, even though we know that still it will be a good time to do so.


By the time this is how we have seen the SUV of Alfa