Talisman Renault Sport Tourer: 5 Keys for which you want more than the saloon


The Renault Talisman will be presented in Franfurt, and with it will come the familiar version. It called Talisman Sport Tourer and although not bring surprises under his arm, is necessary in any general saloon who wants to succeed in the European market. In markets such as the German or French versions of family saloons general exceed 50% of the sales model, so that no one takes lightly these bodies. In fact, Worth more than the saloon , and you expose the reasons why we believe that it is.

1) A cargo space to 1700 liters

can load objects up to 2.10 meters long with the rear seats folded.

The Sport Tourer Renault Talisman is the space as main ally and main point of purchase. Its trunk has a load volume of 572 liters . Interestingly, the sedan has a space of 608 liters with the seats unabated, but the forms of family are more profitable. However, folding down the rear row of seats, the family increases its capacity to an impressive 1700 liters. The loading surface is completely flat, and loading mouth is only 57 cm from the ground.

The Skoda Superb Combi, however, remains the king of the space segment.


2) Your external dimensions remain unchanged

Another unusual detail Sport Tourer Renault Talisman is that retains external dimensions of Talisman sedan . Usually the family cars increase their exterior size, sometimes up to 10 centimeters above the saloon. The Talisman Sport Tourer retains the length of 4.86 meters from the saloon, and its height (1.46 meters), width (1.87 meters) and his battle (2,810 mm). At least this does not complicate his already problematic parking garages and narrow parking.

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3) Its rear seats are 30 mm wider

The optional electric trunk opens only have a foot below the bumper.

The trunk of Talisman Sport Tourer is just 40 liters smaller than the sedan, but instead has a rear seats are 30 mm higher . This dimension is knee space, the most important for passenger comfort. This increase in space in the rear seats is also possible by a rear part of the front seats which has lost . This has been possible thanks to a new rear deck – called “Cover Carving.” – Thinner and resistant


4) A different design than the sedan

The design of Renault Talisman Sport Tourer is nice, and does not represent a break with the codes of style saloon. His defense has been redesigned, but the car has not won height . Renault has managed to keep his car resembles a funeral home, thanks to a roof fall sports and harmonious appearance, topped by a small rear spoiler. The rest of the defense hardly varies, with 100% taillights LED have not changed the least and a stylized exhaust outlets.

5) Your choice of engines remains logical and correct

Retains its driving modes, adaptive suspension and four-wheel steering.

There is also no developments in the engine range. New engines are not offered, no less powerful. The diesel range will comprise 1.5 dCi 110 hp and two 1.6 dCi Energy in versions of 130 hp and 160 hp . This latest version uses a double turbocharging and associated exclusively to a gearbox EDC double clutch and six relations. All diesel have this option box. As for the petrol range is composed of two tCe, with 150 hp and 200 hp. Your details have not been disclosed.


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