TAMO, the new brand of TATA will also have a citycar

The TATA Nano could be reincarnated in a model is 100% electric which will be marketed under the new name of CHAFF, based on the same platform of the Racemo.

Andn the last Geneva motor show we were able to meet the Racemo, the first of the models of CHAFF, the new brand of TATA Motors, which will be based on the modular platform MOFlex. This architecture will give life not only to those sport coupe, but also in addition to a crossover and even a small city with the body of format hatchback.

although by the time the indian firm has not released details about these new models, a the first promotional video shows a graphical representation of these vehicles, under the names ‘Move’, ‘Fun’ and ‘Race’.

Racemo: Here is the little sports of Tata Motors

The first of them has the format of a small hatchback urban of dimensions as well compact, in the style of a Smart ForTwo, the second is a SUV,, while the latter is the coupe two-seater we already know under the format of a prototype.

The hatchback, which possibly carry the name Nano, you will have a wheelbase extremely short and a few seats placed in the raised position and it is expected that only to be marketed with an engine 100% power.

All models of CHAFF will have as a common denominator to the modular platform MoFlex Multi-Material Sandwich (MMS).