Tata C-Cube Concept, a sample of what you will do next to Microsoft

Tata C-Cube Concept

Yesterday you were talking about the collaboration agreement that had been signed by Tata Motors and Microsoft to create vehicles more technological and intelligent. Therefore, very well have not spent twenty-four hours of this fact when you already we have a concept that will show us some of the technology that they are developing between the two manufacturers. This model has been presented in Mumbai in a technology event which has been organized by Microsoft for their local partners.

The Tata C-Cube Concept is a vehicle with three doors with a design very eye-catching. It is a car cutting urban (we don’t have measures, but should not exceed by much the four feet) and with some proportions that seem to give some good interior dimensions. Has a hood short and a windshield more inclined of the account, all this is topped by a front grill that keeps the air of family with the Hexa and Tiago.

Tata C-Cube Concept

Another of the elements of design that characterized the Tata C-Cube Concept are their headlights front, which incorporates leds for the daytime running light. Your side reminds to a certain extent in the vanished Chevrolet Aveo last generation, as it has a few lines very marked. In addition, they are accompanied by some alloy wheels that are signed by the signature OZ. Of the rear of the model we do not have photos, but seeing what is harmonious is the design of the front and side, we expect a pleasant surprise on the part of the brand.

As we have already said, this model has been presented under the name Tata, however will be one of the that under your brand new cars Tamo Motors. This model opens the way to what Tata called as “transformation product” because it is assumed that it will incorporate innovative solutions in terms of connectivity and artificial intelligence.

For now there are no more details about the model, however the Geneva motor show is just around the corner and that if we will be able to inform us of their news. We will be attentive to when the brand set its official presentation in the appointment switzerland.

Source – Tata Motors