Tata cancels the project of the sports TAMO Racemo


The spectacular TAMO Racemo will not come to the market.

Just a few months, less than half a year, has lasted officially the life of the Racemo, the interpretation of the indian firm Tata for a sporty affordable which was born officially in the past Hall Geneva motor 2017. This week, the indian manufacturer has confirmed that this eliminates the project of the sports affordable to concentrate its efforts on its range of commercial vehicles, abandoning the idea of creating new sub-brand of models sporting the STUBBLE.

In the last edition of the Geneva motor show the firm confirmed these plans with the presentation of the Racemo, a small sporty two-seater that looks very radical which had a small rear engine. A block of 3-cylinder and 1.2-liter 187 HP and 210 Nm of maximum torque, associated to a 6-speed automatic transmission with cams on the steering wheel. This was able to reach 100 km/h from zero in just 6 seconds.

Next to the Racemo the brand was presented in Geneva a version with a approach something more radical, the Racemo+, a version specially prepared for use in the circuit, which replaces the sport seats for a few backets with harnesses, 5 points, removed the airbags and add a large spoiler at the back.


CHAFF Racemo+.

The initial intentions of Tata Motors including the manufacture of the CHAFF Racemo in a short series of 250 units, in addition to a second model whose presentation was already announced for the forthcoming Geneva 2018. Finally, the Racemo will not be a reality, in any of its versions, as well as the second planned model of the brand that will never even make it to see the light. In the original plans of the company contemplate the creation of a small urban model and an electric crossover.

brand india now will focus its efforts on products from its current range, especially in the commercial sector, which has been most affected by the decline in sales.