Tata Motors and Microsoft join forces to make cars smart

Tata Motors - Microsoft

connectivity in cars has become a business weapon very important. This situation is well known by the manufacturers and to avoid being left behind respects to the competition arise synergies to advance its development. The most curious of these arrangements comes from the hand of those companies that have little or nothing have to do with the automotive sector, as is the case of the enterprises engaged in computer science.

In this case, the manufacturer hindu Tata Motors and the giant of the computer science Microsoft have signed a collaboration agreement to develop cars connected and smart. As we all know Tata is one of the manufacturers with the lowest quality perceived by the customers, in addition, their cars do not incorporate a large amount of boasting in technology. It is this situation that has forced the manufacturer to perform this association to enhance your business image and step it, the situation on the market.

Tata Tamo concept

commented Guenter Karl Butschek, CEO and Director of Tata Motors “with the aim of developing innovative products and technologically leading, we are using the vehicle technologies connected to Microsoft in the cloud intelligent Azure to improve the digital life of our customers,”. He also took to indicate that the first car to incorporate the technology Connected Vehicle Platform of Microsoft will be the Tamo Future.

This vehicle will be presented at the upcoming Geneva motor show, and although surely not be able to test this new system of connectivity it shouldn’t take long to get to market. Between the main functions that you could use would be the advanced navigation, a system for monitor the preventive maintenance of the vehicle, in addition to the usual elements of comfort and downloadable apps in the car.

According to Anant Maheshwari, president of Microsoft in India “using its artificial intelligence and suite of technologies of machine learning, we will provide to vehicle owners in India and all over the world a driving experience safe, productive and fun.

Source – Tata Motors