Tata Motors improves your benefit by the good performance of Jaguar

Ratan TataThe hindu Group Tata Motors in the last few months is living in a situation the less sensitive. No, we do not mean that have financial problems or who is thinking of getting rid of some of their brands of cars. We mean that the numbers are not just cuadrarle by the fault of a management of the less erratic from the matrix of the group of any of their brands.

This situation caused that Rattan Tata to come back to take the reins of the division automotive. With this rotation, is intended to soothe the anxieties of investors by improving the incomes of the brands which are Tata Motors. To do this you will keep the current plan for the company that they were taking Jaguar and Land Rover, and rewrites the one who has to carry the parent brand of the group, Tata.

Jaguar F-Pace Goodwoodonce you have gone through the first three quarters of the year, Tata Motors has presented the accounts corresponding to this period. The division automotive, the holding company’s indian has managed to save the furniture by the hairs, but it has not been for the good functioning of Tata, but by how well you are going the things, to the signing of the feline.

Jaguar (and Land Rover by extension) has become the goose that lays the golden eggs for the indian manufacturer and a good proof of this is the benefit you’re getting from it. In these first nine months of the year the net profit of Tata Motors was of 8.28 billion rupees (about $ 123 million to the change) in comparison with the loss of 17.6 billion rupees recorded in the same period of the past.

The benefits obtained by the trademark English group represent 86 percent of the operating revenues of Tata Motors. If we focus on both brands, Jaguar and Land Rover reported a profit of 305 million us dollars. Profits that come supported by the increase which have suffered the sales of both brands and higher than that of Jaguar 85 per cent compared with the same period last year.

Will have to see how will occur the events of the end of the year to see how to solve Tata its internal problems and manages to finally redirect its business plan.

Source – Tata Motors

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