Tata Tiago, this is the new name of Tata Zica

Tata ZicaThe indian company Tata Motors announced a few weeks ago that would change the name of your model Tata Zica. The reasons seemed fairly obvious, the virus zika is doing havoc in Latin America, where twenty countries have already reported the detection of this virus in its territory. The company proposed the election of the new naming through an online contest call #FantasticoNameHunt, a proposal that has already left the new surname of the model presented in the Hall of New Delhi, it will be called Tata Tiago.

, And the reason of this new name are simple. The winner contest, Libi Thomas, is considered throughout a soccer enthusiast and especially of Tiago Mendes, a football player of Portuguese nationality who currently plays for Atletico Madrid. Libi has told her that continues to this player since it was signed by Chelsea in the stage Jose Mourinho, and is that in addition to follower of Tiago Mendes is also a supporter of the controversial ex-coach of Real Madrid.

Tata ZicaThe name chosen by Libi Thomas proved winner in the final vote with 37.000 votes ahead of the other two denominations that came to the last round, Civet and Worship. Such as the spokesperson of the brand, Ashmita Pillay, the three names that reached the final were studied by a team of the company to conclude that there was no negative reference, as if the had the surname Zica, very unfortunate for the relationship that you have with the virus zika.

the winner of The competition will receive a copy of the re-branded Tata-Tiago, a model that will begin arriving at dealers in the month of march. The same spokesperson of Tata also clarified that the trade mark has not had any intention of linking the model with the Portuguese-speaking countries, where the name Tiago is very common. With this new name it was completed another chapter of denominations unfortunate in the history of the automotive industry.

Source – Tata