Tax The Rich back to the load with the video more bland in its history

Ferrari F40 Tax The Rich Farmkhanathere is Just something more unique than a Ferrari F40, a F40 GT racing. The guys of Tax The Rich do not know that the exclusive, or at least not interpreted in the same way. They catch a supercar elite and the same are made a rally that will make a gymkhana. Or a Farmkhana, which is the last video that we show with the F40 as the protagonist.

If you are a follower or have you seen more videos of Tax The Rich, you’ll probably be disappointed. This gymkhana is neither spectacular nor stuns us. In fact we can think of a thousand better ways to show that beautiful F40 GT with decoration Brummel and body painted in blue and white. May the most spectacular thing is how to burn rubber in the beginning.


in The end, it is to be understood that do not stress the machine in a car like this, and it is certain that this will be enough for us. The gymkhana is to make a slalom, some slow motion and cross a couple of ships, nothing complicated. In fact, it appreciates how to do so with dedication and care. It is not a question of going jugándosela with an object which is traded at several hundreds of thousands of euros. If not more.

The video is simple but entertaining, although we were somewhat perplexed with an end, we’re not going to reveal. We take for approved, scraped, but also we have to warn you that it is surely the production more bland Tax The Rich in what it has of life. The hopes were to see something more lively.