Taxi drivers hungarians collapse Budapest protesting against Uber

of taxi professionals in Budapest they are running out of patience. Over the past year, Uber has multiplied by six its staff of drivers, up to 1,200. In the Hungarian capital, working as 5,000 taxi drivers, spread across 10 companies that operate the service legally.

A hundred taxis blocked yesterday the main streets of the city, demanding the outlawing of Uber in all of Hungary. The protest will not be a thing of a day, intend to repeat it until the authorities meet with their representatives.

Coinciding with the protest, has increased the Internet traffic of people interested in Uber, at the same time they have increased the number of downloads of the app in Google Play and Apple Store. The phenomenon has occurred several times in different parts of the world, including Madrid.

as in other protests, the taxi drivers complain that they are not competing on equal terms, and they come to take away half of the races. In Budapest the regulation has strict requirements for cars, drivers and companies, what the new competitor does not have that respect.

In San Francisco (USA), one of the first cities where it was popularized the application of transport, the damage caused to the taxi sector is considerable. Where the authorities do not prohibit or restrict the activity of Uber, just going through the same thing. In Spain the taxi drivers got away with it, despite the publicity they made of their enemy. The legislation was part of the professional.