Taxi drivers of Madrid, you can buy a SsangYong XLV of LPG by around 14,500 euros

Despite the fact that the world of the taxi is not going through its best moments, there are still years of life. If you work as a taxi driver, and you’re thinking about changing your work tool, asian brand offers a SsangYong XLV adapted to LPG for a price quite content: 14.500 euros + VAT.

this Is the SsangYong XLV G16, the Otto cycle engine with intake air that develops a maximum power of 128 CV. Is associated with a 6-speed manual transmission. We already proved a few months ago variant with a diesel engine, the SsangYong XLV D16T, and we found a vehicle more suitable if we want to brand new a car wide, with good load capacity and our budget is the right thing to do.

The case is that the SsangYong XLV G16 GLP, as it is known commercially, has been approved as a taxi for the city of Madrid and will reach shortly to the city of Barcelona. In addition to its generous interior space, the trunk of 547 litres and its low cost of acquisition, the positive side of this variant is that it uses the Liquefied Petroleum Gas, so that fill the tank supposed to save approximately 40% ; to which we must add a reduced environmental pollution.

two Other interesting points are, on the one hand, that keeps the 5 years warranty or 100,000 km (before, meets), and on the other, which has 1,000 euros of discounts on Autogas repostando at service stations Repsol, Campsa and Pretonor in Spain. The owner of the taxi you could forget about spending a single euro in fuel for quite a few weeks.

This model is newly approved for taxi in the Spanish capital has a LPG tank of 53 litres, alloy wheels 16 inches, air conditioning, manual, ESP, 7 airbags, the system Start&Stop, cruise control, parking sensors rear, steering assistance, configurable daytime running lamps of led and multifunction steering wheel.

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