Taxis in London will come to cities such as Madrid and Barcelona

Along with the booths are red, the mist, and the double-decker busses, the taxis of London are one of the more recognizable elements of the great city british. The famous taxi british, Black Cab, has been evolving over the years to be modernized, while preserving its classic aesthetic and stale. The most important movement for the Black Cab british probably came in 2013, when after years without generating benefits to the company in charge of its production, The London Taxi Company, saw it as the industrial conglomerate chinese Geely entered in its capital. A movement that would accelerate the evolution of the london taxi and, in the pursuit of the growth of the company, now works to enter the taxi british in other european capitals, which might include cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

The importance of Geely is not limited, nor much less, to have helped a company in a financial situation complicated to go forward. Despite the entry of capital chinese, the famous taxi british is produced in the factory of Coventry, who have gone more than 130,000 taxis in the last 60 years, and in the that are intended to manufacture more than 36,000 vehicles annually in the next few years. In any case, The London Taxi Company also has a factory in Shanghai, whose products are destined for outside of the borders of United Kingdom.

Talk of an ambitious plan that not only passes by to renew the taxis british, but also to evolve towards a model of mobility electric, and bet on its internationalization beyond the borders of United Kingdom. Remember that currently two-thirds of the cars produced by The London Taxi Company in Coventry end in London.


The London Taxi Company confirmed these days an investment of 354 million euros to renovate the factory in Coventry, and bet on a model of taxi hybrid and plug-in, the TX5, whose objective is to promote mobility more efficient and environmentally sustainable in London, and the internationalization.

The project of The London Taxi Company seeks to strengthen ties with the major european capitals to begin to be introduced, and the rage, the taxi british. Ehe objective is to ensure that the london taxi will become a stamp usual, from 2018, cities such as Amsterdam, Oslo, Berlin and, of course, Barcelona and Madrid.

Source: The London Taxi Company | Via: Automotive News