Taxis LTC London will also come to australian cities

Taxi LTC Londres AustraliaThe company London Taxi Co. it is known by all to be the one who builds the famous taxis of the city of London. Next to the iconic red buses of two floors these taxis are one of the tourist attractions of the british capital. Despite being a brand traditionally british, from 2013 LTC is in the hands of the chinese Geely, who are also the owners of largest companies such as Volvo.

Geely seeks the greatest return for your taxi company LTC, which has worked to bring these cars to most destinations. Within a few LTC will be more international since the brand has closed a deal with Australia and New Zealand to supply taxis for the value of 54.5 million euros over the next 10 years. Currently in the australian city of Perth there are already more than 100 taxis LTC TX4 circulating.

Taxi TX5 Geely londres

The LTC TX5 is the new taxi, which will arrive in 2017

Geely has signed the contract to supply these cabs to Australia and New Zealand this month and in the next five years, LTC will provide more than 1000 taxis to the major cities of these countries. All units will correspond to the current and only model of the brand, the LTC TX4. Currently the company is developing the new generation of his taxi, the LTC TX5.

LTC will build a new development center, and increased facilities of production in Ansty, England. With an investment of over eur 378 million. With these new facilities, the brand will be able to produce up to 36,000 vehicles per year, multiplying by 10 the production of its current factory in Coventry.

Source – Automotive News Europe