TDI Crisis: check with your VIN if your vehicle is affected Volkswagen Group

At this time, no less than 11 million vehicles Volkswagen SEAT , Audi and Skoda circulate turbodiesel 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI EA189 Euro 5 equipped with software that distorts their emissions of nitrogen oxides. The Volkswagen Group will correct those emissions by a millionaire called to review, beginning in January. At the moment, Volkswagen Group subsidiaries have already published tools that can check if your car is affected . You just need the chassis number of the car.

the recall will have a null value for the owners of the affected vehicles cost.

This past weekend the Volkswagen Group empowered a toll-free phone ( 900 180 361 ) to which any owner of a potentially affected vehicle may call for treatment and check if your vehicle is affected . Before the barrage of calls lines have collapsed at times, in many cases preventing proper care for those affected. However, SEAT , Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda have enabled sites where the VIN number of your car can check if you own an affected unit .

seat-leon-tdi-dieselgate Links to such sites are:

Audi website

website SEAT

Volkswagen website

Skoda website

After entering the chassis number of the vehicle, the website itself will confirm immediately whether your vehicle is affected. If an affected vehicle web explicit that the brand will contact you as soon as the campaign starts reviews. This campaign of reviews will begin in January 2016 and could be extended throughout the year, which is expected to be held in stages. For most vehicles should be solved with a quick and easy software update from the dealer.


the recall will begin in January 2016 and could continue throughout 2016.

However, some vehicles will not be so simple, it may even be necessary to add elements additional anti – as a system SCR AdBlue injection for exhaust or a trap of NO x . In some cases, the solution may even stop by replacing the motor , or even the entire vehicle. These scenarios are extreme and have not yet been finalized, but presumably would affect only the larger and more powerful vehicles equipped with engines concerned.

Do you know how to find the VIN number of your car?

permiso-circulacion-bastidor-2 The chassis number of your car has 17 digits , and mixing letters and numbers. An example of chassis number could be as follows: W9AUZZZFXN9X02003 . This number is stamped on the chassis of the car and also appears in the bottom of the windshield. If you look at the windshield from outside the car, you should see in the lower right part of the windshield, set in a small opening . The image that presides over this section should help, belongs to a SEAT engined Ibiza SC 1.6 TDI affected.

permiso-circulacion-bastidor-1 If you can not remember the chassis number of your car also appears in more places. In the section E of the registration certificate of your car , the official document of light green that you always carry in the glove compartment. Likewise also it appears in the top-sheet of your car, document that should always accompany your car. Write it on paper, enter it in the tools that the Volkswagen Group has made available to customers and know if you have an affected vehicle.

In motor:

Review of the Volkswagen TDI will begin in 2016 and will require major changes beyond software

Are you a #Dieselgate case affected? This interests you, Volkswagen will attend by phone

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