Teaches Koenigsegg Agera RS spoiler before his debut

Koeneigesegg keeps heating up the atmosphere before starting the Geneva . Next March 3, if not expected, we meet a new Agera at Koenigsegg Agera RS but while Koenigsegg leaves us with a new sketch in which we can distinguish an spoiler sizeable.

No further details provided by now that we have seen in this sketch is expected to be considerably Koenigsegg Agera more powerful and lighter , also having a new setup and more aerodynamic effective.

This would keep the compartment behind the V8 biturbo of 5 liters, but increase its power to narrow the gap between the Agera R and One: 1. would exceed 1,140 for both horses Agera R, but would stay below the 1,341 hp of One: 1.

Of course we can not forget that this is not the only surprise prepared by Koenigsegg to the Geneva Motor Show. Along the Agera RS we see as the main star of the stand, a Koenigseg regera apparently willing to approach the 2,000 horses with a hybrid mechanics. A figure of heart attack that would surely make this car the car of the world’s fastest production.

In a few days we will leave doubts, but certainly looks really interesting Koenigsegg deployment for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Source: Koenigsegg
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