Teaser of the Mercedes A-Class, as we will see in 2018

Teaser Mercedes Clase A con Dieter Zetsche

there is No doubt that the current generation of the Class has been one of the models which have helped Mercedes in the last few years. Came in 2012 liking, and to much, to young audiences. The mark of the three-pointed star had, until then, with a very specific audience of older people, mostly men, and high purchasing power. This movement opened a lot of doors the German firm reaching new customers.

The design is much more sporty and youthful this model, along with the profound renewal of the range and the arrival of the new SUV, including the GLA, in addition to the CLA has managed to place Mercedes in the head of the three signatures premium German. Yes, also note that the quality of this compact range current is not higher than that of its more direct rivals. In any case, the news is that the brand is already testing its new Mercedes A-Class 2018.

Teaser Mercedes Clase A con Dieter Zetsche

Dieter Zetsche, the maximum responsible of the group Daimler, has published some photos of the next Mercedes A-Class that will hit the market in 2018. Zetsche has been tested first-hand units in development phase among those was the model more compact, as well as the Mercedes CLS. The images do not offer us too many details about the new Class though yes lets see the forms of his body, which seem to us quite similar to the current model. Curious, “teaser” of Mercedes on this occasion.

most likely the Class will be the the spearhead of the renewal of the compact range. This model will come, as we have already said, during the next year. It is expected that subsequently, add a few new Mercedes GLA, CLA, CLA Shooting Brake and it will materialize in the production version of the A-Class with a sedan body that the brand presented in prototype form just a month.

Mercedes A-Class (W176)
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