Technical F1: [Video] How is the model of an F1 car to the wind tunnel?


The wind tunnel is, since decades, the main tool when developing a Formula 1 car. Despite the fact that in recent years, the Computational Fluid Dynamic has been gaining prominence and precision, the wind tunnel continues to form the bulk of the process of evolution of a single-seater before and during his presence in the competition.

In the video we present on this occasion (and that you showed, as usual, with subtitles in Spanish), the Head of Aerodynamics at Mercedes F1, Mike Elliot, we explain how to build the model, your size and frequency of usage, cost and many more things that make us valued at its fair measure of the importance of the same. The model is made entirely on the premises of Mercedes and its structure was used as the support of countless pieces that must be tested before being used on the track. After your design by computer, different versions of each wing, a floor or baffle are studied in the tunnel to decide which will have the honor of being tested in the circuit.