Technology of the future of BMW at CES 2016 Las Vegas

Since 1967 the fair Consumer Electronics Show has served to understand the technology of the future. This exhibition had its beginnings in New York, moved to Las Vegas in 1978, and since then it is one of the most important events of the year for car manufacturers. This year BMW go to CES 2016, with the next generation of systems for infotainment.


The screen not only recognize movements, but will be larger

today the technology introduced in the car is one of the signs of identity of the brands. The premium brands are fighting to conquer a niche market is important, and be the first to draw a particular system is essential, as well demonstrates the importance of the CES in recent years.

The connectivity system of BMW is one of the best out there. Intuitive and simple to handle. However you can improve it, and this goes for the gestural control of the same. As if a Wii is involved, the next generation of iDrive will not require touch, but of gestures, so you can deal with the movement of the hand.

His name is AirTouch, and thanks to him we will be able to perform the same operations as in the present, with the exception that we will not require to touch the controls or the screen. Just a button on the steering wheel that allow you to tell the system that we want to control. A highly evolved technology of Gesture Control of the new BMW Series 7.

Technology very similar was presented last year, but on this occasion it is more evolved

The airbag may also do so. It will have a button on the side to activate the function, and to the equal that the driver will be able to handle the menus and the different elements in the iDrive, such as maps, radio, phone, everything. Always fast, simple and intuitive with the children’s gestures are possible. All with the intention of diverting attention from the road for the shortest possible time.