TechRules Ren: the hybrid sports most daring of Geneva, with 1,300 HP


New TechRules Ren.

TechRules has unveiled finally its supercar at the Geneva motor show. Despite its image, this is not an eye-catching and provocative prototype, but the advancement of the production model, which in theory will hit the market with this configuration, more of a science fiction movie.

His name is no longer GT96, as anticipated the concept prior to, but Ren, and with hybrid drive system, comprised of microturbines that generate electricity for to feed a battery of 25 kilowatt-hour. This battery powers the electric motors, which can be 2 or 4 or even 6, as requested by the client.

The maximum power that is able to generate this monster is about 1.300 HP (1.287 hp) with a maximum torque of 2.340 Nm. The autonomy of the TechRules Ren is 1.170 miles with 80 liters of diesel, because yes, microturbines operate with diesel.


The TechRules Ren at its stand in Geneva.

The bold exterior design has been evaluated by Giorgetto Giugiaro and his son Fabrizio Giugiaro, which have created a mix between a racing car and a fighter, with a cockpit that opens for full-type cockpit. The cabin is 3-seater and non-single seater, as we hypothesized when we saw the first leaked images, and neither has the network of tubes that appeared on the pilot in those images.

The interior features floor coverings in natural leather and something similar to the denim. In front of the command post central, we find a screen with the most important instruments and rear view mirrors traditional are replaced by three cameras focused back.

The intentions of TechRules contemplate the manufacture of the Ren from 2018, the production was to take place in Italy, and in total would only be made 96 copies. In principle, this should be the first model of the company, and later to develop other models with this type of electrical platform, as a crossover or an urban model. These even do not come within the timetable of the company, but that they are mere long-term goals.