Techrules will present its innovative model with load per the turbine in Geneva

Teaser Techrules

The automotive industry continues to grow and innovate. Today the vast majority of manufacturers are studying and developing future vehicles driving in an autonomous, all-electric vehicles high-range autonomy and performance or, in the best case, a combination of both. And it is that practically we have insured that the future will happen both for the full electrification of our cars as when driving autonomously.

we All know Tesla, a company led by its owner Elon Musk very immersed in both subjects. In fact, it is the mark to which all manufacturers want to beat. But do not neglect to Techrules. Is a China-based company that already presented us with a revolutionary system of recharge the battery, referred to as “TREV”, using a turbine for its regeneration. Now, at the Geneva motor show, will show us a more interesting model.

through this teaser image we can see part of the design lines and shapes of the body of this vehicle that we will present at the Geneva motor show. As we see, it is very futuristic, with a design inspired in aviation. The charge of the managing of the design have been neither more nor less than Fabrizio and Giorgetto Giugiaro, designers very well-known in the world of automotive for their great work and long professional career.

will Not pass unnoticed, both by the forms cited above as curious form of access to the interior of the with a few capsules inspired, again, in the aviation combat. They say from Techrules that its design allows great visibility and, in addition, they are constructed with high-strength materials.

The chassis is the most sophisticated. Designed by the prestigious specialist L. M. Gianetti, used components of last generation with a design very technologically advanced and high-efficiency. On the other hand, we will see lights front laser LEDS and headlamps rear LED with rear view cameras built-in. Sincerely, we look forward to seeing it in full the next day, march 7th.