Telephony 5G for communication between vehicles


All the information in the world is stored in the cloud and as we have access to this unlimited and powerful tool we can find you a good use in the automotive sector.

is Not the first time that we talk about the communication between vehicles V2V( vehicle to vehicle) and at the same time the communication between these with the databases stored in the cloud. The purpose of this is to share information of interest to the driver and the car as it may be the climatic state, the state of the firm,etc…

In recent months, we have been conducting tests in the A9 on this technology in the hand of companies like Deutsche Telekom, Nokia and Continental and the evidence shows that there are delays in the communication limitation of the 4G network.


The communication between vehicles represents a breakthrough in the detection of obstacles

solution to this problem was given to the telephony 5G which has been shown to reduce the levels of latency between transfer of information. While the 4G network in the best conditions, no more than 20 ms of latency and 100 ms in the worst conditions the network 5G is able to reduce this time waiting.

The speed of response is essential since it is required that the information arrive immediately. There are situations, for example, that a vehicle to notify you of a sudden stop the vehicle in back that it is trivial that you receive the information as soon as possible.

This technology will allow to avoid accidents, paper jams, and make it more predictable dangerous situations behind the wheel.