Temple: “Alonso is the driver most intelligent that I’ve ever worked”


Mark Temple preparing the strategy of the race with Fernando Alonso minutes before the start of the Grand Prix of Germany.

Fernando Alonso has always been highly valued in the paddock, both
among his colleagues as among the engineers and team leaders. Your
great ability to squeeze out the material that you have and your vision
career have always left their mark on the teams with which he has

Mark Temple, engineer of track in the McLaren from 2012, so
certifies, claiming that the Spanish rider is the most intelligent
who has had the pleasure of working. “Is the pilot more
smart, with which I have worked. Combines his intelligence with a
level supreme natural talent, you find yourself with a combination
it is very powerful. Allows you to do many things while driving the car
Processed a lot of information and is always thought of in the strategy”

“Attacks the brakes and throws the car to the curve, but do not lose the drawn

The Spanish rider has always called the attention with their aggressive
driving style, especially in corner entry. With the
current concept of competition, which should keep the
tires and fuel for much of the race and not
there are fill-ups, it is less obvious at present, but Alonso follows
preserving the ability to control the car. “Fernando
extracted the maximum out of everything that is around them. Leads a
so very aggressive. Really attacking the braking and throw the car to the
curve, but do not lose the curve at the exit of the curve. Often,
if a driver is aggressive into the entry, you lose the output, but
Fernando gets to keep the car on the limit in both

The sensations, the results above

The spaniard, that has not yet clear whether it will continue in Formula 1
beyond 2017, insists that his main aspiration in the
maximum category is to enjoy the riding. For Alonso, there is no
nothing comparable to a single-seater category. Alonso recognizes to be
a person “competitive and the competition is important in F1,
but I don’t run in F1 for the competition. I can do it in other
areas of my life, such as cycling or tennis -even competing
with my mother in the supermarket. The reason why I race in F1
it is because the cars provide me a feeling that I can not
get in any other place. It is unique


All pilot debut in Formula 1 stands out the braking and the
power above all else and Alonso is the unique feeling that
a F1 transmitted. “It’s difficult to explain what makes you feel,
because there is nothing that will come close to F1. Tor brain must be restored
every time you get in your car because things happen very fast
. If
you have not driven an F1 car for several weeks, the level of
performance it takes you by surprise”

“I have Never needed to prepare myself mentally before getting into the car. I’m ready all the time

The go-karts, with his almost non-existent suspension, great acceleration
and strong braking, have always been considered to be the most similar to
a Formula 1 in terms of sensations. Alonso used a lot as
part of their training and for the fun of it, but still seeing the
Formula 1 something unique for the component of uncertainty that
provides at all times. “I Do karting to enjoy the
competition: pilot in the F1 sense. styles of riding
in karting and F1 are similar, but in karting does not occur
nothing unexpected. Your brain never is surprised, you can predict
all that the kart is going to do. This is not the case in F1, where you see yourself
surprised all the time.
When you hit the brakes, your brain takes
two-tenths to recover, it is a great feeling, is the

Many pilots give a great importance to the process prior to exit
to the track, visualizing the circuit, or to be confined for the
maximum concentration possible. Alonso, in contrast, does not consider that
you need nothing of this, because he always feels prepared for
pilot. “I have Never needed to prepare myself mentally before
getting into the car. I’m ready all the time, I don’t need
mentalizarme. My mentality doesn’t change, whether it is a free training,
classification or career”

In 2017 occurs a dramatic change of regulation, with a
remarkable increase of mechanical grip and aerodynamic. Fernando Alonso
has always expressed its intent to evaluate the sensations
will the new cars before you decide if it is still in the Formula
1 for a few more years or look for other challenges as the world