Ten cars that marked your childhood if you grew up in the 90s

Like many of you, I was not born in the 90s, but I grew up on them . In my popular imagination are the Power Rangers, Dragon Ball, The Baywatch, Club Megatrix or Bom Bom Chip. Moreover, we can not deny that the 90s were a great time for car lovers. A golden decade, with cars still rabidly passionate not so dominated by electronics and environmental standards as today’s cars. If you grew up in the 90s, I’m sure these 10 cars have marked your childhood .

1) Ferrari F50 (1995)

The F50 was not revolutionary, only raised to the maximum power the traditional values ​​of Ferrari.

My first car was a red Ferrari pedal, and still have a model Bburago 1:18 scale Ferrari more special 90s The 50th anniversary of Ferrari was held last Ferrari old-fashioned: manual gearbox, engine 4.7 V12 520 hp rear center position and not a driving aid. inherited from Formula 1 engine block V12 and a monocoque carbon fiber chassis . Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cars of the decade, forgotten between the two myths that are the Ferrari F40 and the Ferrari Enzo.


2) Plymouth Prowler (1997)

With the Prowler showed that Chrysler still had fiercely in innovation and corporate genes.

The Plymouth Prowler caused me a profound shock when I first saw in a magazine in the late 90s was a hot rod production car fantasy offered by the Chrysler Group with their usual sedans and minivans. Although their classic forms and separate body wheels shouted “V8” to the four winds, lived under its hood a V6 3.5 liter 220 hp and only , connected to an automatic transmission of four relationships. It was so light that its benefits were similar to those of a Corvette.


3) Mazda RX-7 (1991)

The Mazda RX-7 FD is considered one of the best cars with dynamic balance of history.

Who does not remember the Mazda RX-7? Besides being one of the most iconic Japanese cars of the decade, many could fly it in the Gran Turismo , a game that marked a before and after in car games. The Mazda RX-7 did something difficult: Lifetime infect this terrific addition, the hobby for the engine. The seductive curves of the body of the Mazda RX-7 were accompanied by a rotary engine 1.3 liters, two rotors and twin-turbo in reaching a power of 280 hp with a unique sound.


4) Ford Escort RS Cosworth (1992)

The world of rallying in the 90s would not have been the same without the Ford Escort RS Cosworth.

Ford RS Cosworth was launched in 1992 and still today is able to hold her own against the more radical sport compact and powerful. L key of this authentic thoroughbred is its Cosworth engine, a two-liter multi-valve cylinder head 220 horsepower, a fireproof box with sufficient reliability to support preparations of 1,000 hp or more. Its all-wheel drive, the 0 to 100 km / h in under six seconds and its spectacular rear wing party still call the attention powerfully today.


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5) McLaren F1 (1994)

The McLaren F1 was extremely fast beast, able to wring your neck if not properly dominabas.

The world’s fastest car . Holders of the journals in that distant 1994 not said otherwise. And for good reason, really. The world surrendered to the McLaren F1, definitely the car – with capital letters – most representative of that golden decade, eclipsing the Bugatti, Jaguar and Ferrari peers mercilessly. Its engine 6.1 V12 was an atmosphere that developed 627 hp power. This seater was capable of reaching 371 km / h with the engine BMW , located in an engine compartment covered with gold leaf.


6) Honda NSX (1990)

The Honda NSX was one of the most distinctive and special cars of the decade.

During the entire decade the Honda NSX stunned the world. The Japanese Ferrari called it . A supercar that showed high performance and great aesthetics could also be synonym of comfort and reliability. It was such a usable car on the day and the track, and was tuned by a large and Ayrton Senna. Its engine was 3,0 VTEC V6 280 hp and internal components of light metals , capable of rotating at 8,000 rpm power. A treat not stopped evolving to its end of production in 2005.


7) Dodge Viper (1992)

Light weight, high power, eight liters of displacement and zero refinement. The Dodge Viper we like.

The Dodge Viper was launched in the early 90s, and again wanted to show that Chrysler is still taken seriously high performance, without fear of Ferrari and the new wave of Japanese sports. His approach was overkill: mounted a V10 eight-liter 400 hp at a sporting light chassis, removed all refinement possible – like power steering and air conditioning – and They topped with a retro-futuristic body painted in bright colors. More yankee and muscular impossible.


8) Nissan Skyline

The Nissan Skyline has been the basis of countless preparations alttos flights thanks to its motor RB26DETT .

Another car that perfectly encompasses the spirit of the 90s is the Nissan Skyline. This Japanese coupe was available in three different generations in the 90s, R32 and R33 R34 . Skyline became tremendously popular thanks to Gran Turismo PlayStation previously unknown in the West. Their versions GT-R became objects of desire thanks to the production of engine RB26DETT , a block with double turbocharging inline six-cylinder capable of supporting hundreds of horsepower than its 280 hp as standard.


9) Lamborghini Diablo (1990)

The Lamborghini Diablo was excess materialized in a car where the important thing was to get attention.

Another car that marked our childhood was certainly the Lamborghini Diablo. A heir to the sensational Lamborghini Countach , which got its excessive proportions and roar V12 echásemos not miss the veteran Countach. Evolving during the decade VT versions, SV and Roadster were launched, with powers that reached over 600 hp version SE30 Jota. I will always remember the beautiful lilac Diablo Jamiroquai driving in the video for “Cosmic Girl”, on the roads of Cabo de Gata.


10) Toyota Supra (1992)

The Toyota Supra was immortalized for the future in the series “Full”.

The Toyota Supra was another major Japanese sports of the 90s, a decade that was clearly dominated by machines from the Empire of the Rising Sun. The Toyota Supra was launched in 1992 and shared with her brilliant previous generation engine 2JZ-GTE twin turbocharging, three-liter propellant limited by law to 280 hp but capable of much more in the hands of a coach. The Toyota Supra is now a modern classic highly prized, and his legend has only just begun.


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And here we come. Yes, we have made many spectacular machines in the pipeline. do not be surprised by the absence of the Renault Spider, the Opel Calibra or the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution – not to mention the Jaguar XJ220 or the Bugatti EB110 – because this list does not seek to be exhaustive, only reflect a personal opinion and explain why I think these iconic cars. The 90s were a great decade and Be assured it will not be the last time I visit. What have been your iconic cars of the 90s? How do you find out?

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