Ten commandments for driving with complete security and confidence under the rain

Called Regenkönig – the king of the rain – Michael Schumacher, as it showed an excellent ability to outperform their rivals when the track was wet. I don’t consider myself a “master of rain”, but I’m spaniard and inevitably, the rain understand. All the months I drive in the rain on several occasions, and despite being used to it, in no time you lose the respect of the strong wet. Less visibility, less grip, and the dreaded aquaplaning become driving in a work more challenging, more dangerous. With this decalogue of tips for driving rain, you will have no problem in dealing with the liquid element with total security.

1) Increases the distance

you Must to increase the safety distance with the car that precedes. The braking distance increases with a firm, wet, and in addition, avoid splashes from other cars, which multiplied the decrease of visibility itself of the rain. When it rains in a big city will tend to cause the collisions. Sometimes cause withholding monumental, that I have suffered in my own meats. Most of these accidents would be avoided if you observe a safety distance appropriate, and all understood this need.


2) Házte see

If it rains, it is advisable to switch on the lights of cruising your car, although it is a light drizzle. You will see much more easily, both other vehicles and pedestrians. Of course, you have to take into account that the lights should be well oriented, or cause dangerous glare. Only if the rain is really intense – comparable to a dense fog – you should turn on the antinieblas rear. I’m tired of being dazzled by antinieblas rear when they drop four drops.

3) Keep your wiper blades in an optimal state

Needless to say that the tires need to be in a perfect state, with a good drawing in their tread.

wiper blades of windshield wipers cost about 20 euro in any large area, and can make the difference between a right visibility or a perilous journey in the rain, by multiplying the possibilities of an accident. The brushes suffer especially in regions where it gets very hot in summer: if notes not cleared properly the rain, cámbialas as soon as possible. Also, it is recommended its replacement as soon as they begin to make a noise or leaving a mark on the windshield.


4) take Extreme care when it starts to rain

The most dangerous time of driving in the rain is just when it has begun to rain. The rain drags out the accumulated dirt in the driveway – dirt, dust, oil… – and a slippery smear layer, which can play very bad tricks. Be especially careful if a long time ago that it is not raining. Fortunately, in regions where it tends to rain a lot – the north of the peninsula, for example – this problem is not so serious. Extreme caution, and be careful in bends, zebra crossings and areas poorly paved: they are the most dangerous.

5) Moderate your speed and don’t drive aggressively

Avoid braking hard, and when you pass by a puddle of water, dry the brakes by stepping gently on the brake pedal.

The wet asphalt has a grip low, which worsens even more if the state of the firm is bad, and we already know what is the state of the roads in Spain. In addition to increasing the distance of security – I’m going to repeat with this – we must avoid driving aggressively. Our tires can be seen overcome if we drive too fast on twisty, and in the face of a danger unexpected, the power of our brakes and the ability to dodge are impaired. Don’t run and drive smoothly to avoid regrets.


6) Monitors the projections overtaking, especially trucks

even Though it is raining, does not mean that we are prohibited to overtake. But the overtaking involving to get to a greater extent cars and trucks that can to blind us with huge curtains of water. Ahead when you have the certainty of being able to finish the maneuver, and do it as fast as you can, without compromising your security. Even with the windshield wipers working at maximum speed it is possible that for a few seconds, we lose the visibility. Keep the steering wheel straight, hold it with firmness and extreme care.

7) Avoid puddles as far as possible

Seeks to equally circulate through the parts of the road where the other vehicle has already passed. Have less water on the surface.

Yes, it’s fun to stomp puddles when we go by car, but it is not at all recommended. In the first place, we may suffer from aquaplaning, even at low speed, and lose control of the car in extreme cases. In the second place, we do not know its depth, and hide both slight irregularities of the firm such as huge potholes. Don’t want to meet a nasty surprise. In extreme cases, can even cause problems in some electrical systems of the car, or even cause it to introduce water into the intake.


8) The dreaded aquaplaning, and how to avoid it

sometimes the water floods the roadway, and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. The aquaplaning it happens when passing over a surface flooded with water, the water forms a películo between the road and our tires. Sure that what you’ve experienced: the car “flanea” and the address ceases to be effective. If notes aquaplaning, stops accelerating, hold the steering wheel firmly and do not do maneuvers, sudden. To a halt or swerve can cause a loss of complete control, and the ESP cannot save you in the worst of cases.

9) take Extreme care in the road markings

The road markings, the painting of our roads and cities, nor spend a good time in their state of conservation. Many are already are painted with compounds rough to prevent falls and skids to the bikers, but in either case, they tend to wear out easily. Are extremely slippery, especially for two-wheeled vehicles. Passes through them in as straight as you can, without sudden movements and at a slow speed. If you’ve had problems in some, report it to your council.


10) Driving in the rain increases the fatigue

Anyone who has driven in the rain for several hours can attest to that. Driving with rain tires the driver to a greater extent: you need to force the view, and be much more vigilant to the traffic and his own car. What happens is that the fatigue of the driver is emphasized. If you have to drive with a lot of rain, increases the frequency of the stops and don’t hesitate to stop if you find yourself tired. Take a coffee or a soft drink and sleep well the night before if you are going to travel and there is forecast of rain the next day.