Ten years between two wins 'private' Citroen in WRC


¿What they have in common the 34th edition of the Rally of Cyprus and the 50th edition of the Rally of Portugal? A priori, one might respond that nothing, since the route, the cars that competed in each one of the rallies and the constraints of both tests are completely different. However, the thing changes if we see that the Rally of Cyprus in 2006 ended with the victory of Sébastien Loeb, while this weekend has been Kris Meeke who has scored the win in the 50th Rally of Portugal. The link that joins both rallies are the victories of two Citroën ‘private’.

Kris Meeke won this weekend the victory in the Rally of Portugal with a Citroen DS3 WRC , run by PH-Sport and registered under the team Abu Dhabi World Rally Team. Although in practical terms this training is nothing more than a support for the partial project of Citroën Racing in a year of transition in which he is preparing the C3 WRC 2017, it is certain that in the eyes of the statistics is this is a private computer, much to hide in your inner personal, official drivers and material of the signing of the PSA Group.


In this way, Kris Meeke has achieved the ultimate victory ‘private’
in the WRC to date
, closing a circle that began to draw
Sébastien Loeb in the above-mentioned Rally of Cyprus in 2006. Then, the
French also was a pilot officer Citroën, but it competed with the
belgian team Kronos Racing
, which sustained a form very similar to the
project of Citroën while mark worked on the development of the
Citroën C4 WRC, which made its debut in 2007. The only difference between the two
victories is that Loeb had a full programme in the championship and
ended up winning the title

Although in the same season of the
last victory ‘private’ Sébastien Loeb a young Kris Meeke
competed with PH Sport in the Junior WRC, between these two triumphs
‘private’ under the umbrella of Citroën there is a victory ‘private’ without ingredients French
. Occurred in
the Rally of Portugal in 2012 with the victory of Mads Ostberg at the controls
of a Ford Fiesta RS WRC run by Adapta Motorsport and not by
M-Sport, who was with the direct support of Ford. The Norwegian scored the win after the disqualification of the Citroën DS3 WRC of Mikko Hirvonen.