Terrifying! So the Ford GT racing debut playing on the secret that Ford hid so far

Impressive. It’s hard to put into words the desire we have to see the Ford GT circuits. We are so excited about the return of Ford to the ski world of endurance and Le Mans, we can not prevent a video like this cheerful our day. Ford tells us that before submission of June, the Ford GT had already had occasion to debut in circuit. Months, and years of work to create a sports that aspire to victories. Work will also include its tuning circuit , with the greatest secrecy as possible, so that no one would capture what would have been one of the biggest exclusive of the year.

Phoenix: brief history of the super-secret project of the Ford GT 2016

actually the development of the Ford GT race was a secret , at least since his counterpart street was introduced. We knew that the aim of Ford spent to develop a new GT to triumph in the street and on the track. And contemplate live in Geneva, did nothing but reinforce this idea, recognize that under his aggressive and spectacular body the perfect basis for a great sporting career was hiding.

The evidence has shown video Ford correspond with the debut of the new Ford GT circuit racing . With a session to be held secret work last May, 21 days after submission. The Ford GT still faces a long process of work, testing and tuning to get the car ready for the start of the championship in 2016 and who knows if they will also be ready to fight for wins.

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Phoenix: brief history of the super-secret project of the Ford GT 2016

The dream is real! So the Ford GT race, which we see in Le Mans in 2016

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