Terrifying: the hood of your Nissan GT-R 1,600 HP flying at almost 300 km/h

drag racing, the famous drag race so popular in the united States, often leave us with incredible images and terrifying. When someone proposed to carry to the limit the performances of its sports competing at insane speeds, even if it is in a straight line, there are always a number of risks, often difficult to predict. Risks such as that of close to 300 km/h on your Nissan GT-R prepared with more than 1,600 HP and seeing as the hood is lifted up and jumps through the air without that you hardly have time to rectify to avoid a situation in which the risk is more than obvious.

The adhesive tape with which you try to cover the cracks in the hood, and to avoid that the pressure of the air at almost 300 km/h the boot, it was not enough.

The owner of this Nissan GT-R of more than 1,600 BHP, which is seen a Lamborghini Gallardo turbo with more than 2,100 HP, added – beyond the mechanics – various modifications, such as rear wheels for great grip to increase traction on drag-races, or a bonnet carbon fiber to save weight.

The problem is that at speeds as high as 180 mph (290 km/h) at which the hood is lifted off, any free space between the bonnet and the rest of the body causes the air to very high pressure, enough to lift in the air the bonnet and start it up.

Aware of the problem, this broker tried to cover up the slots on the hood with blue tape. But it apparently was not enough for you, reaching 290 km/h, the hood rear up in the air and ended up completely uprooted, plunging from the heights into the ground.

in view of other similar stories, such as the Lexus IS-F took off through the air in a drag race, the incident of this Nissan GT-R was no more than an anecdote, that didn’t cost an accident, and whose consequences were minimal to what could have happened.

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