Tesla and Mercedes have problems with their “auto pilots”


The system DRIVE PILOT Mercedes in action

driving autonomous remains a technology that is in the testing phase, and will be a reality very close. Today, the most advanced that there are driving systems semi-autonomous, which depend on the driver in the last instance, and have the function of making driving even more relaxed in certain conditions.

Tesla is anticipated with this technology Autopilot, and Mercedes-Benz has done the same with his DRIVE PILOT. In the two cases is about the same thing, driving systems semi-autonomous, some consumers are confusing as auto-pilots.

what is an autopilot? The first thing that we will sound that is of the world of aviation. Today, a passenger plane can not leave the finger, walk the track, take off, navigate, land, walk the track and get to the finger destination. Yes, to clear up the crew work, as this never fails -or should not – leave the system running without supervision. therefore, there is a double confusion here.


In certain conditions Autopilot cannot operate effectively and ask the driver to re-take control

In the united States there arose a controversy in the aftermath of the first crash of a Model S in the that was running on Autopilot. The preliminary details of the investigation carried out by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) points to the following causes:

  • The system is not designed for roads with intersections at the same level, and the driver activated the system in a road of that type
  • speeding over the limit of the track, although by 15 km/h over
  • A truck went through on the road, believing that tourism would slow
  • The automatic system of the car “did not see” the truck by limitations of the camera, the radar front not detected in diagonal, and did not stop
  • The driver wasn’t watching the road, was watching a movie
  • The car went underneath the trailer, killing the driver, and the roof was ripped off of rennet

In other words, the driver not paying attention behind the wheel, when it was their duty to do so, and programmed the system in a reckless way. Tesla, even though you call your system Autopilot, it does not say that drivers can opt out of driving. There are plenty of videos where you see people playing cards, reading a book, etc. You play the life, but it seems fun and flaunt it.


Autopilot has never been advertised as a system that allows the driver to disengage the wheel, but allows you to let it go for several kilometres

Mercedes is another victim of this climate sensitivity irritated. One of the ads in the E-Class of last generation shows the prototype F015, able to drive alone, along with the new saloon. “what Is the world really ready for a car that just drives itself? Ready or not, the future has arrived”. (*)

In one of the scenes, the driver has released the hands from the steering wheel and apparently, the car just drives itself. The small print under the ad reads as follows: “The vehicle can not be moved to itself, but it has driving functions automated. The system will warn the driver often has to keep hands on the steering wheel. Always keep a responsible driving and obey all traffic rules.” (*)

is White and in a bottle? As no

critical Voices have asked the Federal Trade Commission to research Mercedes for if your ad can confuse the consumer and make them believe that the Class And now leads alone. Anyone who knows how to read will not get it wrong, but sometimes people is as it is, so to speak in a soft way.

(*): translation of the original in the american version


Frame of the ad removed from the new E-Class Mercedes-Benz

The ad has been removed and you can’t see in the official account of Mercedes in the united States, but in Spanish. The company decided to withdraw it on Thursday to avoid anybody to be confused. The optional system DRIVE PILOT allows the car to maintain cruising speed on dual carriageway or motorway, for up to 210 km/h, respecting the safety distance and changing lanes if the driver actuates the turn signal.

In Engine.is we tested that car and, although we confirm that it works very well, it is clear that is not a driving system autonomous in which the driver can pass oblivious of the steering wheel. It is a step closer to the driver assistance systems in conventional in several models of new generation, download work the driver, but not replaced.

it May be that some day in the future, no consumer is “confused” with these things, but with the weather as it is, companies can pinch the fingers. Of time, that only dead using Autopilot is a statistical anomaly, and it is clear that it was because of his lack of responsibility, as if it had been asleep at the wheel in a conventional car. Auto means self, any that take a dictionary to understand the difference.

NOTE: A similar version of the ad can be viewed on the official channel of Mercedes-Benz in Spain, we don’t know if they will proceed to remove it short-term or not.