Tesla announces a call to fix 53,000 units of the Model S and Model X

Tesla Model S

The brand of car more fashionable in the last few months is, without a doubt, Tesla. The company of Elon Musk is quickly becoming a benchmark in terms of electric mobility and driving systems bring us closer to the driving 100 % independent. Their vehicles are not cheap, but they are the most advanced cars in the field of sustainable mobility. However, they are products as exclusive and technological does not prevent that you do not commit faults.

Today we have known a massive call to review for up to 53,000 units of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. All of them have been manufactured between the months of February and October of the past year 2016. And no, the reason for your call to review has nothing to do with their roles, semi-autonomous or with the drive system electric. The fault is in the parking brake.

Tesla Model X

The american brand of Elon Musk has released a press release, which explains the reason for the call to review. “The parking brakes, electrical installed in the vehicles of Model S and Model X are built between February and October 2016 may contain a small gear that may have been manufactured incorrectly by our supplier”. The car brand wants its customers to remain calm, stating that the appeal is performed by excess of caution. Tesla has also stated that there has been no accident for this problem.

apparently, the fault comes specifically from a small gear that could be ruined. In the event that this happens, the only thing that would happen is that the system of the parking brake could not be unlocked, so that the vehicle would be immobilized. Tesla stresses that this problem does not have nothing to do with the braking system of the main of the vehicle, which will reassure your customers.

finally, the brand has to its customers that “Soon we will send you a notice of call official by mail, which will include information on how to replace your parking brake”.

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