Tesla Autopilot 2.0: more sensors and cameras to improve driving autonomous

Tesla Autopilot

The system Autopilot Tesla Motors will get a great improvement with the advent of version 2.0.

During the months the system Autopilot Tesla Motors has been surrounded by all types of reviews (many of them unfounded), and that, in truth, have done much harm to the image of Tesla Motors. Although I very much doubt that the company led by Elon Musk will be affected in real ways by all that tide of headlines that have circulated on the internet and the media of paper, the plans of Tesla to the new generation of the system Autopilot you are very ambitious.

Many have come to think that the system Autopilot as it is currently conceived is a technology that allows us to enjoy driving fully autonomous. Nothing could be further from the reality. The driver must be attentive and prepared to take charge of the vehicle at the time it is necessary. However, it is clear that in the very distant future this will not be as well and yes we can say that the system Autopilot offers us the possibility of enjoy a driving truly autonomous.

With the arrival of the Autopilot 2.0 will become really achieve that level of driving autonomously. And is that the manufacturer of electric cars based in California will improve the capabilities of this system. How do you do it? As it has been know to through a information that has been accessed, the new version of the Autopilot will have a greater amount of sensors, three front-facing cameras, and a whole series of additional radars.

Tesla Autopilot 2.0 - sistema de triple cámara

Scheme of the triple camera that will use the 2.0 version of the Tesla Autopilot.

With all these new hardware and the relevant software upgrades, the system will be capable of scanning and analyzing multiple lanes of the highway so as to detect a greater area around the vehicle and the vehicle in front of ours. There is also talk that the new generation of the system Autopilot Tesla will eventually be able to recognize people via a scanning laser.

In the short term, what we will see will be the arrival of the update 8.0 for the current system. And although there are not many details about the new feature to be included, some reports indicate that will allow the vehicles of Tesla to leave the road, which is circulating by taking the relevant output in an autonomous way. It would be a further step in the improvement of the Autopilot.

By the time version 8.0 of the current generation of the system Autopilot is still in development, so it still could be added many more enhancements. In any case, these information do nothing more than ratify the commitment that Tesla Motors has done with this technology. It is clear that this is not going to leave for having spent “a bad time”.

Tesla Autopilot

In the last few months the system Autopilot has been engaged in a great controversy due to various accidents.