Tesla begins manufacturing the first battery in your Gigafactoría

Gigafactoría Tesla

Tesla Motors is that comes out. To the updates being carried out to its system of self-driving Autopilot and investments in other productive plant that is studying together with Panasonic, announces to us that since has begun to manufacture the first battery in your Gigafactoría of Nevada. As we all know that this plant is not yet finished, but according to the signature with the modules that are already completed can be started safely in the manufacture of the first battery.

To give life to these batteries already are working several hundred employees, although the firm has not specified the total number. This news is very important for the brand because if you want to have the Tesla Model 3 on the street next 2018 should be making batteries to full performance of face at the end of this year. With all of this, the brand hopes that by the end of 2020 are already working in the plant about 6,500 workers in three shifts of eight hours each.

Tesla Model S on road

this plant will join that are thought build next to Panasonic. Become reality the signature of Silicon Valley would be able to produce almost half of the batteries for electric cars in the world. In numbers, we would be speaking of about 500,000 batteries when the Model 3 arrives to the street and from that time be increasing the number gradually. In addition, in the Gigafactoría could also be getting to build the batteries that accumulate energy for homes that Tesla is selling in some states of the united States.

For now, the brand is joining in the Gigafactoría the Powerpacks. These are made from the kits you sent to Panasonic from japan, and that are serving to test the knowledge and skills of the early workers of the plant. Will have to see the developments that follow in the Gigafactoría and if it helps the brand to to reduce the waiting lists that you have with your models.

Source – Tesla Motors

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