Tesla called to review all of the Model S to check their seat belts


The inspection of a single Model S in Europe has revealed that the seat belt is not properly anchored to the pretensioner. it Is a unit that no was involved in an accident, so that no-one was hurt no personal injury. The company prefers to heal in health, even if you have not found any other case in 3,000 random inspections since 2012.

Tesla is asking its customers who request appointment in the official service to check that everything is in its place. This, which today seems to us the most normal thing in the world, would have been ignored by the major manufacturers a few years ago. These would have calculated that up to a certain number of victims, it is more profitable to pay damages than to review thousands of cars, or they would have waited for an order from the NHTSA, or equivalent body.

Zero victims, a car affected, an estimated 90,000 will be reviewed

The company is alerting customers. For those who are worried about their seat-belts, before being inspected, the communication clarifies that it would be sufficient a force equivalent to about 36 pounds to notice a deficiency in the anchorage.

The way of doing things on the part of Tesla is an example that others should follow. The Model S has suffered other calls to review, remember these three fires, in which there was no personal injury. A few hard objects hit the battery and damaged it. Is called to review the Model S to better protect them.

has Not been necessary to wait for a call to mandatory review by the authorities. It has been made by a precautionary principle, but not only that, also to show an elementary respect for their customers.