Tesla coming to Spain and you have the opportunity to work for Elon Musk


Tesla is preparing its landing in our country

Tesla will land in Spain very soon. That is what we understand to see published numerous ads job offers for our country in the website of the manufacturer. According to these, the company of the charismatic Elon Musk demand positions to be filled both for Barcelona and for Madrid, major cities of our country, to start the landing in Spain and, as is done in other european countries.

Positions such as “sales Consultant”, “Marketing Specialist”, “Specialist product”, “project Development”, “Human Resources” and “Head of installation of supercargadores” we anticipate which are the expansion plans of Tesla by the skin of a bull. Open sales centers for both cities, will increase considerably the number of supercargadores in our country, currently there are only two officers, and to the satisfaction of those who already have a Tesla center where you can make the reviews without having to travel to other countries.

on the other hand you also have the opportunity to work with one of the companies most influential in the world of automotive and technology if your profile fits one of these positions. Here you can see the offers of work from Tesla to Spain.


job openings at Tesla for Spain

The american company led by Elon Musk you enjoy your best time because during the third quarter of this year has gotten to increase its production by 70% delivering nothing less than 24.500 units, a figure that far exceeded the 21,000 provided that they had intended to achieve in that same time period. We currently have to sale the sedan Model S and the SUV of doors of the type wings of the hawk Model X.

Recently, the company acquired the business of solar energy Sun City with the objective of creating new technological solutions while you are still in the process of building the Gigafactoría that will provide a large volume of batteries at a reduced price.

however Tesla does not stop at nothing, and just yesterday he announced from his twitter account that on the 17th of this month would reveal a new product Tesla, which says that it will be a new version of the famed Autopilot, and a later announcement on the 28th about his new project in collaboration with Solar City. This is all baked while we are still pending of new details about the production version of the Tesla Model 3 and of the future model crossover Tesla Model And.