Tesla descatalogará the Model S 75 in order not to cannibalize the Model 3

Shortly after filing the new Model 3 this summer, Elon Musk cautioned that the company will review the range of your vehicle of large size Model S. That moment has come because the Model S 75 is going to be discontinued from the 24th of September, at least in the united States. While in Spain, we may have a bit more time to be able to order one.

The decision is apparently related to the arrival of the sedan average Model 3, in its version of greater autonomy has a performance similar to the Model S 75. While the medium one has 500 km of autonomy approved for the cycle NEDC, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5,2 seconds and reaches 225 km/h, the second is able to travel 490 km, accelerates in 4.6 seconds and reaches the same speed. In what was not seem to the two sedans is the price.

why Tesla descatalogará the Model S 75

Still do not know the prices that will have the Model 3 in Spain, but in the united States the difference is very noticeable. While the decision for the Tesla descatalogará the Model S 75 looks rather like an anticipation of something inevitable. The model S 75 nearly doubles the price of the newcomer with 69.500 $ in front of the 35,000 or $ 41,000 it costs to buy the other. A difference that would make to opt for the second the vast majority of customers.

This price difference is due to part of the optimization of series production, the substantial difference of equipment and finishes. The Model S has two touch screens, one of which is 17 inches, and the Model 3 only has a 15 inch in the center of the dashboard and does not have a dashboard behind the steering wheel.

the disappearance of the Model S 75, the Model 3 will be the only car with rear-wheel-drive that will sell Tesla. In addition, unless the american brand to modify its price list after his disappearance, the Model S is cheaper than the manufactured cost 74.500 $ u 86.000 euros in Spain. This corresponds to the Tesla Model S 75 D, which is the version with all-wheel-drive.

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