Tesla disables the security measures of the door Falcon of the Model X


the doors of The Model X have been a constant focus of problems.

One of the latest updates from Tesla Motors for the Model X, relating to the lock system of rear door of type Falcon the crossover seems to have had an unexpected consequence. With the deactivation of the pressure sensors located in the frames of the above-mentioned rear doors.

As we can see in the video below, after the update the system seems not to detect the presence of obstacles in the frame of the door, in the shape of a cucumber in the case of this video, which is sliced in half without the door seemingly do nothing to stop their movement. Which is, of course, very disturbing for the users of the electric crossover.

Days ago, was launched this latest software update for the Model X, in which is specified that was designed to improve the consistency of closure and reduce the false detection of obstacles. However, it seems that this update has had as a consequence the own deactivation or malfunction of some of the detection systems, as is clear in the video, as we understand that if it had been a hand in place of a vegetable, the door neither stopped.


doors Falcon are one of the hallmarks of the Model X.

Previously to this update, the curious doors of type Falcon could detect any object that was in the path of closing doors, stopping immediately in his movement.

This update was launched precisely by the repeated complaints of several users of the electric crossover, which complained that those doors opened and closed alone. To the point that Tesla Motors came to sue the manufacturer of the doors, by the constant problems that were presenting.

we do not Know if the failure that we can see in the video is due to its own initiative, on the part of Tesla, or if it is simply a failure, a programming error, side effect of this last update.