Tesla does not yet have a prototype in the Beta testing phase of the Model 3


The Tesla Model 3 will be about, but we don’t really know at that speed.

Although just a few days ago we talked about the marketing plans of the new Tesla Model 3, which starts production in a few months with the units of pre-series, it has been known recently that the brand of California not yet available as a prototype in Beta phase. Whatever it is that means that expression for Tesla.

Has been at the last annual meeting with the Securities and exchange Commission of the united States, held last march 1, when the mark is confirmed by the state program development of the Model 3, stating that have yet to complete a prototype, Beta of the model.

According to the statement of Tesla in this meeting, those prototypes are still in phase of construction and that the Board of Directors must give the nod to those prototypes. What comes to mean that is still in development and that there are probably certain aspects that still have not decided on the model.


Tesla Model 3, what prototype Alpha?.

As is well known, the Beta expression is commonly referred to as a stage in the development of software, once developed, a product (usually a program or system) this comes to users in a format that is not yet definitive, and which is generally defined as Beta or “test”. If we heed the definition, Tesla could be called the prototype Beta, what is commonly called in the industry prototypes of pre-production.

Precisely Tesla has already confirmed that the first customers will have access to the Model 3 will be the employees of Tesla and SpaceX, their companies. This is because they hope to get feedback more quickly on these first units. Subsequently, they will be delivered the first units of customers to those people who live near the factory, in Fremont, California, to extend after the range of deliveries to the rest of the customers.

The question that we all ask is whether, taking into account that the
development usual of a model takes years, even its testing phase,
as it is possible that Tesla still does not have ready prototypes of a
model that, in theory, in 2 or 3 months he will be in manufacturing. The possible
answer is that Tesla is often to launch what any company would call
prototypes of final validation as vehicles ready
, as in 2012
with the Model S or in 2015, with the Model X. will Be the users themselves the
that will probably be in charge of the final validation.