Tesla exculpada of the fatal accident of a driver in a Model S

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When Tesla launched the Model S and the possibility that their drivers could use their car with semi-autonomous, many thought it was a car for autonomous de-facto. It is true that the technology of Autopilot has been improved to be able to drive the car almost without the need for the driver to do many functions. However, to avoid problems the brand recommended that the operator monitor what makes the system to avoid failures like the one that took the life of a driver.

The first crash of a Tesla Model S in which there was a victim mortal was widely publicized and commented on in all media. In may of last year, Joshua Brown, 40 years of age, collided with a heavy truck and as a result of the accident died. In a first moment the evidence pointed to that the system Autopilot might have failed, but soon it became known that Brown was watching a movie while the car was driving. By go doing this and not being attentive to the indications of the vehicle failed to react to notices on the car to return to the control of the driving.

Tesla Autopilot 8.0

After the event the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) opened an investigation to clarify if what happened had been for the negligence of the manufacturer or a malpractice of the driver. The brand was advised of it, and since Tesla reported that they would work with the agency to make all data and documents which are required to demonstrate that their system had not had anything to do with it.

in View of the tests carried out the investigation of the NHTSA has concluded that Tesla had nothing to do and that the system Autopilot on the Model S ill-fated work properly. This decision has been celebrated by the brand of Silicon Valley for allows you to clean up your image and that the customers are quiet when they approach to buy one of their cars.

however, as a result of this accident, the brand improved its system. Therefore, in each update that has been included in he has improved aspects that could cause the driver could get confused and cause an accident.

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