Tesla expands production of the Model X


back in September we officially unveiled the Tesla Model X in its final form, and then began the first deliveries. We talk about the Model X Founder, they paid the sign up years ago. It is the turn now of the Model X Signature, which cost more than 132.900 dollars, of which 40,000 were paid a long time ago in respect of the signal.

in return for such sum of money, the customers get the Model X “pata negra”, with the batteries of greater capacity (90 kWh), all-wheel drive, the driving system of semi-autonomous (Autopilot) and a full equipment in which no lack of anything. Now, if we wanted to order a Model X, “just” we would be asking $ 5,000 as a reserve.

As we have explained, one of the sources of funding of Tesla has been to ask -well in advance – that customers pay part of the car long before it was made, in addition to generous support from the Government of the united States that have been refunded. Now Tesla is the envy of many manufacturers consolidated.

Another of their strategies has been to place in the first place the units more expensive, while having a higher profit margin. The company has incurred huge expenses, not only to produce quality cars from almost zero, but for the monstrous factory of batteries that is rising in the State of Nevada.