Tesla finally gets to open his dealership in Virginia (USA)

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Tesla Motors is an innovative company in all of the land on which it enters. It is immersed in space projects and in addition has between the hands the other systems of collective transport with that for sure will revolutionize the world. However what makes it indelible in our memory is how has changed the way we see electric cars, even at the expense of having a high price.

in Addition to having revolutionized the automobile industry also wants to revolutionize the sales and distribution of cars. By law in the united States dealers must be franchises. May not be of the brands to avoid conflicts of interest cross-relating to the establishment of prices. This protects consumers from the abuses that can take out the marks.

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The problem is that Tesla does not want to create a network of dealers based on the franchises. It is therefore launched to open multiple dealers and official services as your own in some of the states that form the united States. However, the authorities of consumption of Virginia denounced it for violating the law, which states that dealers must be franchises, and not the marks.

As after several disputes Tesla Motors has managed to give the reason to it. According to Richard Holcomb, commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles of Virginia, the direct sales model used by Tesla may not be applied within the law of the state of Virginia. The reason is that the mark does not compete with dealers franchisees that exist in the area (as they do not exist does not compete against them) and in addition, in the state there is no company able to operate as a franchise of Tesla to sell their cars.

therefore, after this judgment Tesla starts to expand its network of official services and maintenance centers throughout the united States.

Source – Tesla Motors

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