Tesla has problems in Germany with a major supplier


To Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has left a china in the shoe, although very far from California. Tesla has the ambition to become the largest manufacturer of electric cars in the world -whether Premium or not – and for this have to dramatically increase their volumes of production.

A company that just manufactured some 80,000 vehicles in 2016 wants to reach the half-million a year before we get to 2020. This and other ambitions already make Tesla worth in the bag you more money than General Motors, Ford, or Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. It is probably overrated, but it is a fact.

The promises of Tesla have to build in something material. In addition to the factory in Fremont (California) and Reno (Nevada), both in the US, Tesla wants to have a total of four to five gigafactorías. One of them, perhaps, can be installed in Spain. To be able to do that solutions are needed such as that provided by Grohmann, that’s why it was acquired.


Project of the Gigafactoría Nevada

Now Tesla tries to placate the spirits warm on the German company. The leader of the company, Klaus Grohmann, has not stepped foot in their office throughout the month. According to a union representative, Grohmann says that is out of business. The employees are concerned.

The trade union IG Metall, says that the employees of Grohmann charge 25-30% less than what is customary in your sector

This company has managed to Daimler or BMW make their electric models in the series, are not exactly a novice in the field. The workers have seen an opportunity to improve their conditions.

Tesla has offered them a guarantee occupation for a period of five years, an extra pay of € 1,000, salary increases and stock options, among other benefits.

no access to these claims, Tesla may be losing a lot more money down the road, then it is reasonable to want to give in and satisfy those ambitions.


Grohmann is a key supplier for the mass-production of the next model of the brand, the Tesla Model 3, called to shake up the D segment-Premium with a model 100% electric that beats the living crap out autonomy to the rest of the market offer and at a price competitive with plug-in hybrids and even electric generalists such as the Opel Ampera-e.

The Model 3 is a huge promise, and to understand this one must remember that Tesla has received a number of bookings for its new model well above expectations, more than double what was originally planned. That demand bubbling of the Model 3 must be satisfied, and Tesla can charge huge amounts of money.

To get an idea, if you are producing 500,000 Model 3, at a price of about $ 42,000 on average (including certain options, they do not go all peeled) talking about the whopping 21,000 million dollars of billing. That does not mean profits, but since then to reach that billing to reinforce the value of stock -now swollen – Tesla.


And is that the market in general has a lot of faith in Tesla, perhaps too much. Is a manufacturer that has not been able to announce profits in an entire exercise, but that arose out of practically nothing less than 10 years ago by the founder of Paypal and loans granted by the united States for the development of alternative mobility. The money is returned before time.

right Now represents the most of the most in the market of electric cars of high range, so much so that the traditional manufacturers have had to accept that there is a market and that they have to offer similar solutions, that will arrive with a minimum of six to eight years of delay. 700 employees of Grohmann will have to be satisfied if Tesla does not want to have any more delays.

And is that Tesla has failed more than once the ambitious timelines imposed by Elon Musk, has sometimes been gone from optimistic. Since then that is not a seller of smoke -or is a master in the discipline – but you have to keep your credibility so that the actions do not fall or-in the worst case – start to fall clients from the waiting list. At the end of the day, the $ 1,000 that they put more than 400,000 people, are refundable.