Tesla installs in Andalusia another of his supercargadores Spanish

Spain Loves TeslaTesla does not cease to expand its network of supercargadores by the world. This time he has touched the turn of our country. Spain, but already has a point-of-sale, is one of the markets you want to access, the signature of Silicon Valley in a matter of a couple of years and to do this you need to have a guarantee of success. This warranty is premised on the possibility that will have their customers to make long trips and charge their batteries quickly.

In the case of our country, the distance between one end and the other is large enough so that their cars need at least one recharge. the firm has already installed several charging points along the mediterranean coast. However, he has not stayed there and installed another point of recharge in the autonomous community of andalusia.

Tesla cargadorAs reported by the brand the new charging point has been installed in the town of granada Cúllar. With this new season, the Spanish network will have eight points and will make it possible for the drivers of a Tesla may be circulated by the Mediterranean corridor without to be pulled. In addition, this network in a short time could be expanded by the interior of the Iberian Peninsula.

however, despite this new opening , the firm is still far from having the thirteen charging points which had been promised by Elon Musk for the year 2016. Will wait to see how they redistribute the rest of the chargers that are missing, and if you finally meet the one hundred points that you should count on Spain for the year 2020.

we Must remember that from the one of January of next year, Tesla will charge its customers for using its network of supercargadores. This way will have a source of funding for their maintenance and expansion to other parts of the world.

Source – Tesla Motors

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