Tesla introduces the Model 3, its car more affordable to date

a few hours Ago Elon Musk has unveiled the latest creation of the startup american, the Tesla Model 3. Continuing with the plan to electrify the transportation that began with the Roadster, expensive and low-production volume, followed by the Model S and X, less expensive, and with a medium volume of production, now comes the one that will define the future of the company, the Model 3. With a price starting of $ 35,000 and a production expected to reach 500,000 units per year, this is the car that Tesla hopes to revolutionize the global market.

the base version of the Model 3 will be around 350 Km of autonomy, access to Superchargers as the one who opened in the summer in Girona, and acceleration 0 to 100 Km/h in less than 6 seconds.

security has been a major aspect in its design, and is expected to be the safest in its category once subjected to the impact tests. Your manufacturing will be in aluminum and steel, with more presence of the latter, and nearly not share parts with its older siblings, the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X.


The exterior is reminiscent of a smaller version of the Model S, being the front part more groundbreaking with a few headlights and front of new design. In the interior, a single central screen of 15 inches dominates the dashboard, continuing with the minimalist style of the brand. To enhance the space in the rear seats, a single glass panel comprises the ceiling of the rear seats and extends up to meet the trunk lid, taking the idea from the panoramic front windscreen of the Model X is now applied to the rear window.

In the 24 hours prior to the presentation of the car had already been carried out 115.000 reservations between dealers and the Internet, consisting of a deposit of 1000€ refundable for cancellation. The dealers have formed long queues that were reminiscent of the presentations of Apple, with people waiting at the entrance for days to be the first to make his reservation. Until they receive their cars, hopefully by the end of next year, Tesla has planned to double in size in both its network of Superchargers as the point-of-sale.

If you wish to re-view the presentation the Tesla Model 3, you can do so in the next video: