Tesla is thinking about opening its network of super chargers to other brands

To achieve the complete electrification of the automotive sector make lack many things, but the most important is to create a network of chargers will be able to meet the demand. But in addition it is not only necessary that they can stick to the demand, but that are suited to the types of charging systems that ride the brands of cars.

worldwide, the firm that has the best network of chargers for electric cars at the moment is the american Tesla Motors. The rest of brands of cars do not yet have opted to create a network of its own, because it would involve a cost so high that they could not take themselves. But in addition, from the public administrations of the different countries, nor are a great support, since the sales of electric cars are still a minority.

Today Tesla has 860 super chargers that give service to a total of 5.655 charging stations. They are all spread out strategically by the countries in which they sell their models but there is a problem, and is that they can only refuel in them the models of the american brand. For this reason, in the leadership of the brand would be thinking about allow other brands to recharge the batteries of their electric cars.

According to the technical officer of Tesla Motors, JB Straubel, the u.s. firm would be negotiating with other brands to “assign” the use of their charging stations. Of reaching an agreement would be an event worthy of marking on the calendar, as a mark of recent creation as it is Tesla, could mark the worldwide standard for charging of electric vehicles of the present and future.

however Straubel also admitted that the network of super chargers, Tesla would have to bear a greater burden of work. Therefore, the network should be dimensioned to avoid over charges and potential problems of a greater entity. For this reason, Elon Musk is negotiating with the world’s top brands of motor for that, if you want to access its network of super chargers, contribute financially to their viability and expansion.

By now, the main actors that would have been sitting at the table are those which have electric models rolling by half the world. Among them may be Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA), Group Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Ford Motor Company, General Motors and BMW. The rest of groups, as the Renault-Nissan Alliance, it seems that still iran by your account of it charge the batteries of their cars.

Source – Electrek

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