Tesla is upgrading Autopilot for some of their models

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The other day I had that Tesla was working day and night during the seven days of the week to get the latest update of your system Autopilot. This information is provided by the own Elon Musk via his personal account (professional) Twitter. However, shortly after he jumped the news that very probably this last evolution might not make it to all the models that Tesla has marketed in the past four years.

The reason also I explained and sustained in that the older models do not incorporate same degree of technological that the last and this makes them less useful to technological level. However, the engineers of the brand have already list the latest update and in a few days and will be installed in the vehicles. The problem that arises on this occasion is that it seems that not all the models will be called upon to invite them to include the latest version of this system of driving ‘semi-autonomous’.

The founder of the firm would have communicated that about 1,000 models (from all that you have now on sale) would have been called to install the trial version of the new Autopilot. When it has been tested and verified that the improvements are really sure it will happen in a second phase to call the rest of owners of vehicles for you to include if they so wish.

According to the mark these cars should have the evolution Autopilot to the 5th day of January and the others, once the end of the testing period. From here we understand that this delay is normal because the new models of the firm have substantially improved their technological capabilities with respect to the first and therefore are better prepared to receive any update.

By the time the company is working so that none of their models is left out of their best wizards of driving. Will have to see what happens when the next generation of the Model S hits the market and the firm believes that it is not necessary to keep updating their products.

Source – Tesla Motors

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