Tesla launches in Europe the program Destination Charging

expected for months, and is already present in Europe, the program of Destination Charging. It forms part of the strategy of installation of chargers for Tesla, which has two variants: Destination Chargers and Superchargers.

Destination Chargers, or chargers at the destination, are located in hotels, shopping centers and restaurants to be used during the stay in the local. In Europe they have up to 22Kw of power, which allows you to upload about 100 Km/h. Tesla has signed agreements with a multitude of properties, which they receive free of charge 2 chargers to change to take charge of its installation in a visible place or practical access.

With this Tesla rapidly expands its network of charging points in urban areas and the local receive more customers who come to charging your Model S. In the following photo you can see one of the two Destination Charger installed in the Hotel Miramar in Barcelona:


In Spain there are a total of 11 Hotels with Destination Chargers operating, what allows you to get to San Sebastian, Salamanca and Murcia, using only charging points for Tesla.

To the Superchargers,the intention is to – located near highways and freeways, creating large corridors for owners of electric vehicles can travel long distances in reasonable time thanks to its high loading speed.

In our country we have two seasons Supercharger officially in operation near Gerona and Tarragona, conveniently located close to exits of the main roads to minimize the time of the pause to load. Tesla has already started to build more stations to cover all of the Iberian Peninsula in 2016, and to have doubled its global network at the end of 2017.