Tesla Model 3: As is the launch most successful in history

With 325.000 bookings made in less than a week, the Tesla Model 3 is already the launch most successful in history. No product has managed to be as successful as ever, and not only taking into account the cars.

Tesla-Model-3Hace already several days that we heard of the success of the Tesla Model 3 since it was filed less than a week ago. In just a few days, 325,000 customers reserving a unit, upon the payment of an advance of $ 1,000, which represents a total of 14,000 million dollars when these sales accomplish materialize, which was transformed into the launch most successful in history, but not automotive, but any type of product.

it is Worth noting that these impressive sales were achieved without no advertising, by which Tesla has a double reason to boast of the feat. Clearly Tesla have given in the nail, presenting the exact product that customers were waiting for and we believe that that is closely related to their sale price of $ 35,000.

Model 3 has a range of around 350 miles and a motor that allows you to speed up of 0 to 100 km/h in just 6 seconds. Remember that the 350,000 customers reserved their unit without even knowing how it will be in the final model, since Tesla by now exhibited a prototype, whose production version will not be in the hands of customers by 2017.