Tesla Model 3: it Is official, Tesla has killed, and buried, to the buttons of a lifetime

I’ll Never forget a curious anecdote that I had with the Tesla Model S the first time I tried it. I searched for a quiet place to do some interior photos, I set up the camera, began to open doors, and in one moment I decided to open their trunks to check if the cargo space was as good as they said. I have tested hundreds of cars, and although each brand has its customs, at the time of placing the button for opening the boot, it generally is not complicated to find it. But after fight for a few minutes looking for the button or handle to open the trunk, front, and rear, not what was. And it was then when I realized that this action was more intuitive than I imagined, but puzzling to our habits.

it Turns out that opening the trunk was as easy as clicking on the hood front, or the rear of the Tesla Model S that appeared drawn on his immense vertical display. Tesla has declared war on the buttons. Tesla wants everything to be managed from a touch screen.

I am still having my doubts that this is the best solution and proper. But Tesla Motors seem to be convinced that the button has to die, and in fact they want to kill him. To sample the interior of the new Tesla Model 3.


Tesla has simplified the dashboard by reaching a new level of minimalism, without buttons, without instrumentation, all this is centralized in an immense tablet horizontal.

If the interior of the Tesla Model S because it seemed transgressive, with the Tesla Model 3 have taken a new step forward to surprise us. We are accustomed to seeing screens increasingly large in the modern cars, but even so, Tesla has gone far beyond.

If we look carefully we will see that the dashboard is completely horizontal, as the bar of a bar. And that the only thing that breaks the horizontality is a steering wheel, and a huge tablet-style iPad Pro in the center. Since that tablet will control everything, and it is that tablet that has allowed Tesla to remove absolutely all the buttons on the dashboard. This tablet will function, even, on the dashboard of the car.

not even the steering wheel has been freed of the obsession for finishing with the buttons. If you look at the wheel of the Tesla Model 3 we see that there is no button, just the satellites of the direction indicators. Another idea that I do not dislike it too, since my flyers preferred not to have buttons, or have very few, the righteous and necessary.

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