Tesla Model 3: revealed the prices and specifications of new affordable electric


The new Model 3 is already in the street.

In an event held this morning in the own factory of the brand in Fremont, California, and we have had the opportunity to attend, Tesla has revealed the new Model 3 in front of the media and the first customers will receive their copy of the electric sedan.

Although we already knew the design of the new model, thanks to the numerous photos spies of the prototypes prior to this, in addition to the images of the first production model, the Model 3 #001, has been in this event when the brand has revealed the specs and official prices of the range, which comes to the market with two versions of the battery available and a maximum autonomy possible of 499 kilometers.

The brand of California has not revealed details or technical aspects of the battery pack, such as its size, but it is believed that correspond with the new generation of lithium batteries brand.


The new Model 3 is already in the street.

In terms of the range, we find a version of access that complies with the parameters announced some time ago by the brand, with a price of $ 35,000 in the united States before incentives, the Model 3 base features a range of 220 miles or 354 kilometers according to type approval, EPA, figures very similar to the Chevrolet Bolt, General Motors (Opel Ampera-e in Europe) with an autonomy according to the EPA of 238 miles or 383 kilometers. This base version is capable of accelerate from 0 to 96 km/h in 5.6 seconds and has a maximum speed of 209 km/h.

In the case of the version of great autonomy, the batteries for the Model 3 will allow a range of 310 miles or 499 kilometers according to type approval, EPA, which separates it dramatically from other similar models. This version has a starting price of $ 44,000 before any incentives and with better benefits than the standard version. Accelerates from 0 to 96 km/h in just 5.1 seconds and reaches 225 km/h of maximum speed.

Tesla Model 3 Standard Tesla Model 3, Long Range
Price 35.000 $ 44.000 $
Autonomy 354 km 499 km
Acceleration 0 – 96 km/h 5,6 seconds 5.1 seconds
maximum Speed 209 km/h 225 km/h

In both cases we will find the access to the charging network of the brand. In this event at Fremont were delivered the first 30 units to their end-user customers, which have been manufactured during the month of July along with 20 copies that will be destined to validation tests, as was the case the first of all, the Model 3 #001. Starting this month of August will expand gradually production , up to 20,000 units monthly before the end of the year.