Tesla Model 3: the correct but false configurator model


Configurator of the Model 3.

Although we have been waiting for the opening of the configurator the new official Tesla Model 3, especially after the event of the delivery of the first units of the electric sedan, the brand at the moment has not opened in your web, as it has also not revealed officially the full specification of the model. Although, for the moment, and waiting for that to be operational, we can get the idea of how it will be thanks to a few screen capture created by a fan of the brand, which have been newly uploaded to Imgur.

For the moment, they are only 18 images show various stages of the possible settings of the model. But, although it seems very real to the naked eye, it really has not been the work of Tesla, but for an amateur with a lot of free time. This funny fake has been created with the information already available in the model, so that we can get closer to some of the internals, already known, of the model. As the equipment of the version reflected on the screen, or different colors or models of tires available. Likewise, we can see several images of the Model 3 in different shades of the color options available.

from what we can see, these screenshots show even as the standard version is not listed as available, so that all catches are referring to the version of long-range or extended-range model, which will be by far the only variant manufactured under the name “first production” or “initial production”. Once in the fall and when the rate of production increase, Tesla will begin to manufacture units of the mechanical version more affordable.


screen Capture of the configurator.

According to the data declared by the company, in addition to several leaks, including one’s own approval by EPA, the Model 3 will have a range composed by 2 versions, standard and long reach. As we have already mentioned, the first version will not be available until within a few months so that the first units delivered will correspond with the release of greater autonomy.

The standard version will feature a battery pack a little over 50 kWh, which will allow you to reach a range of 220 miles or 354 kilometers. The specifications of this mechanism are not known at the moment, but are presumed to be identical to that of the highest version. The price of these units is part of the $ 35,000 for the black units.

The long reach version goes up to $ 44,000, but it has an engine of 231 HP and a batteries pack of 75 kWh, which enable a range of 500 kilometers. If the standard version has an acceleration of 0 to 96 km/h in 5.6 seconds, the latest version able to you can stop the clock in 5.1 seconds with a top speed of 225 km/h.