Tesla Model 3: the future does not have calandras, and we should not be frightened by it

Tesla has just presented in society new Model 3. It is the largest business of the manufacturer californian electric car, a revolution that could to put an electric car in the garage of hundreds of thousands of people. The car that Tesla was waiting for launch since the company was founded is a vehicle electrical elegant and technological, of which my colleague David already has spoken to us to fund. I come to speak of its design, notably its complete absence of a calender front. Should I worry about it?

why not have the front grill the Tesla Model 3 by 2017?

The Tesla Model S and Model X had a small calandras, with a function-only aesthetics.

The conventional cars work by using a mixture of air and fuel, at a pressure in the interior of their internal combustion engines. Need to get air out of the atmosphere, necessarily. In addition, an internal combustion engine has clear cooling needs, be settled in the form of a radiator, in direct contact with the flow front of air. The function of the grills is to protect the radiator from external objects, plain and simple. Are as old as the car, and already take for granted.

tesla-model-x-2016-portada* The image illustrates the small grill of a Model X.

In an electric car, the engine does not need oxygen to to initiate the combustion, because there is no combustion whatsoever. The electric motor you still need cooling, but to a lesser extent than a conventional engine. The “problem” is that we have become accustomed to that every car should have a calender. The manufacturers know this and build their particular stylistic language around them, without going more far, think of the case of Audi and its single-frame grille. Aesthetic and function, hand in hand. Two functions that don’t comply an electric car.

In the future, the cars could do without calandras front to the full.

The Tesla Model S had a small calender of dark color, really closed to the outside, surrounded by a small chrome frame. Had to play and abide by the rules of the game, so to speak. In the Model X, the front had even less calender, and in Model 3 the have removed the complete. Reminds Me of the nose of a shark, clean lines and with a short bottom opening for the cooling needs of the systems of the car. Tesla us has gradually become more accustomed to the design of the future.

tesla-model-3-2017-05 what Is beautiful the Tesla Model 3? Of course, and the lack of calender front doesn’t spoil your design, but that it cleanses, softens – sets, and gives splendor, as they say in the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language. If the future is electric cars – and all of it seems to indicate in the medium term – it should be no surprise the progressive extinction of the calandras front. A feature of design that we take for granted, but for aerodynamics and function, it makes no sense in an electric car.

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